P1030225Nearly 30 cars took part on the season closing tour.

In the morning we met at the historic tavern of castle Kreuzenstein were we had a very nice breakfast and for the moment the historical atmosphere took us right back to the middle age. After a photo shooting in front of the castle we drove through gently hilly landscape and arrived at castle Mailberg were we enjoyed our lunch in a nice ambience. After a visiting tour we went along narrow lanes in middle of vineyards and arrived at the picturesque village Falkenstein for a wine tasting which was arranged by the winegrower Pesau. Right after sunset we finally arrived at the restaurant Tuttendörfl were we had an excellent dinner and enjoyed the evening, reviewing the event with the participants. We were especially pleased that so many members from JEC-Hungary came for this event and we are looking forward to seeing them again. Many thanks to Martina and Gerhard Arlt for organizing this great tour.

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Photoshooting Castle Kreuzenstein

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