Saturday 28th July 31 Jaguar Enthusiasts followed the invitation to meet in the late morning in front of the monastery of Göttweig, right in the heart of the Wachau. Our organization team, Verena & Christian Reinert, welcomed us with quit an extraordinary breakfast – served on the bonnet of their XK8.

After a guided tour through the monastery we drove through the scenic Wachau, along the riverside of Danube and Krems valley, heading for a lunch break at one of the local casual wine taverns. Hagmann vinery welcomed us not only with excellent food and a wine tasting in the cellar, which by the way was very appreciated as it was quite a hot summer day, but also with a special filling of his wine called ‘Jaguar Enthusiast’ Club Austria – summer tour 2012′, from which each team got handed a bottle, sponsored by

Later on we concluded our tour to the Altenburg monastery with another private guided tour. Heading back on narrow and scenic roads the sky darkened more and more and strong winds were rising. Finally a storm with heavy rain started breaking trees and forced us to change our route heading out of the wood to a main road, and finally sheltering under a large roof of a big petrol station. Especially our friends with the older cars like the SS 100 suffered quite a bit from all the wet. Finally we made it to the dinner at the hotel “Zum Schwarzen Bären” at Emmersdorf in the Wachau. An excellent dinner followed by a private wine tasting in the two hundred years old wine cellar by the senior boss Anna Pritz, ended that day late in the night.

 On Sunday morning we all met again in front of the monastery Melk and after a tour we followed once more the Danube through the Wachau, climbed up the famous Seiberer hill (famous for its hill climbs in the past) and headed for the Loisium, which is a wine museum. The initially planned British Picnic had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain falls the previous day. Here we closed our tour and as well a wonderful weekend in the Wachau with friends.

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