On the morning of Saturday 5th May we met for the spring tour at a private classic car museum in the south of Vienna;

in the beginning we had classic British weather but soon a wonderful spring day welcomed our group of 33 enthusiasts in 17 wonderful cars, a wide variety of XK, E-types, XJ-S and XK8’s as well as saloons like Mk IX, 420G, XJ-C, various XJ’s, S-Type and XF. The tour took us through the ‘Wiener Wald’ stopping at the monastery of Heiligenkreuz, afterwards heading south where we stopped at castle Hernstein. Our tour leader Christian Zettner has organised a fabulous wine welcome right in front of the castle followed by a lunch in the castle and a guided private tour through the historic rooms.

After leaving castle Hernstein we drove to Eisenstadt, capital of Burgenland. As we have been given permission to park our cars in front of the castle Esterhazy many people walking by were attracted by the display of our cars. After a tour through the castle and the opportunity to listen to the final tests for the classic evening concert, we continued back north to Vienna. In castle Türnlhof we had the last stop of this wonderful day enjoying an excellent dinner and handing over prices for the Jaguar quiz.

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