More than 40 members accepted our invitation to the club evening on February 23rd in the restaurant “V8” in the “Classic Depot Vienna”, Austria’s hot spot and garage for classic cars, sports cars and enthusiast vehicles.

Clemens Stiegholzer guided us through the „Classic Depot“ and gave us an insight into the possibilities of the serviced and value-preserving garaging of the house.

Afterwards, Mag. Christian Schamburek, Secretary General of the OEMVV and, among others, publisher of the “Oldtimer Guide”, gave an insight into eFuels and the political developments on this topic. In this context, Christian Schamburek also informed us about the work of the OEMVV in the relevant committees and the current state of discussions. He also gave us a subjective assessment of whether we can also be on the road in the future with the cultural-asset classic car.

The numerous questions from our visitors presented to Mr. Schamburek proved that there is still a great deal of need for discussion and clarification in this area. The club evening ended late in the evening with chats and shop talk.

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