The start of the season couldn’t have been better – the weather was ideal, the mood of boths the participants and the condition of the 14 vehicles was great, what more could you want…

We started on May 22nd from the meeting point in Linz Urfahr over small country roads and supply roads across the Muehlviertel, past lush meadows and beautiful Steinbloss farms to the Muehlviertler Gothikroute, until we reached our destination, Waldenfels Castle in Reichenthal. There we were received by the lord of the castle, whose family has owned the castle since 1636, and led us through the refuge with humorous words. After the end of the tour, we were allowed to take our cats for a lap through the castle courtyard before we drove to the Preinfalk inn for lunch. After a leisurely lunch we went via Bad Leonfelden and many curves to the parlor in the Pelmberg open-air museum, where our trip came to an end.

As always, a big thank you to our Michael Lackner for the perfect organization!

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