On May 29th 32 Enthusiasts’ met at the shopping malls Haid south of Linz, weather was again outstanding.

Over nice roads the tour headed to Gmunden, located at the Traunsee. On the gorgeous lake side of the Traunsee we continoud south reaching the Spitzvilla, where we had coffee with a spaectacular view on the lake. Furtheron we were driving to Attersee, where we had lunch at Braugasthof Aichinger in Nussdorf, again with a spectaculour view on the lake. The tour moved on over nice roads heading back again to Gmunden at Traunsee, where we visited Sonja Moser, who is leading ‘The Healey Factory’, one of Europeans (at least at the continent) leading Healy restauration workshops. Here a marvelous day ended, many thanks to Michael Lackner for organizing this perfect day.

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