Please follow this link for detailed informations, program and application.

End of registration until May 15th 2019!

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Jaguarclub members,

On behalf of Jaguar Club Hungary let me hereby announce the International Jaguar Meeting of 2019 in Hungary, from 12th to 15th September, based at the city of Pécs, “Where Ages and Cultures Meet”.

Besides its beautiful large main square to show up with our Jaguars, Pécs is featured by a fine four-tower cathedral, an UNESCO World Heritage IV. century early Christian underground crypt yard, and from a different culture nice mosques built during the 16-17th century Ottoman invasion.
Located in the city center, the art nouveau style Hotel Palatinus will provide us with a historic atmosphere to make our international meeting a memorable social event.

One of the tour days will end up at a top-interesting experimental archeology site “in the middle of nowhere”, where ancient nomadic and early settled living forms are researched and practiced.
For the other day we are going to discover the best options among the nearby castles and wineries.

Program is going to be detailed and costs defined by early February, applications are expected to be complete by end of May. Children are welcome as well.

Began in 2015 and 2016 in Hungary, then continued in 2017 – Bohemia and in 2018 – Austria, these international meetings have an increasing prestige, and thus an increasingly harder organisation work. Jaguar Club Hungary is devoted to keep on this tradition.
Involving Switzerland and Germany in 2018, and in 2019 expectedly Italy as well, this is by fact the largest Jaguar event in Central Europe.