“Gentlemen, start your engines! – Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Austria to participate with youngest team in 11th Koller-Klassik Rallye at Heldenberg / Austria

On Saturday April 6th our member Christian Reinert, heavily supported by his 9-year old son Laurenz and his 10-year old best friend as Co-Drivers and Navigators started to participate in the 11th Koller-Klassik Rallye at the Heldenberg. Intensive preparation at home in the garden pavillon with map and stopwatch preceded the team’s first start ever in a classic car rallye with “Alistair”, the giant white 1961 Jaguar MK IX.
On start date the boys navigated with passion, calculated average distance times and counted down with big excitement but precision as they had trained before. “Alistair” compensated a lack of sporty roadability with torque, style and dignity, drifting uphill through the serpentines to the pleasure of the enthused spectators. Our team finished their first competition with a respectable 19th place of 46 and the firm commitment to just getting started!”