Planai Classic – this year three Jaguars and four club-members participating

This years Planai Classic was not only charakterized by the weather – it was up to -25° C and as much snow as long time not seen – but also by the possibly record-breaking attendance of Jaguars and clubmembers:

  • Heiner Nemec and Bernhard Ziegler driving a Jaguar XK 140 OTS, yoc 54
  • Georg and Robin Dönni with a Jaguar XK 150 Dönni, Bj 58. Georg Dönni is vice-president of the  JDCS (Jaguar Drivers Club Switzerland). The car is unique, based on a Jaguar XK 150 which was not salvageable any more.
  • Walther and Birgit Wawronek in a Jaguar E-Type S2 OTS, yoc 70
  • Hannes and Gitti Frech driving a Volvo PV 544 Sport (hunchback), yoc 62 –3. in their classification
  • Michael Schaude and Florian Kunz with a VW Beetle 11 Luxus, yoc 59 – 4. on aggregate and 1. in their classification.

For detailed results click here.