On the occasion of Jaguars’ 80th anniversary our club had a unique both at the Classic Car Fair Salzburg. We displayed the whole history of Jaguar models – special highlights were „the first Jaguar“ SS100, an origin D-Type from the year 1957 which has taken part successfully at the 24h-race from Le Mans, a XJ13 – there was only one built, and of course all the other great models: Mk IV, Mk V, Mk VIII, Mk II, S-Type, 420G, all types of the XJ series, the sports cars XJS, XK, E-Types in different versions and the newer models XK-R, F-Type and XE completed these impressive review.

A fascinating view of Jaguar which has never been shown before in Austria.

Many thanks to Christian Zettner and Elisabeth Starkman for the organisation, all the other helping hands for their support, to our club members and Jaguar Austria who provided the cars.

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