Das neue F-Type Coupe - und seine Vorgänger40 Jaguar enthusiasts met on the first weekend of May in Bad Leonfelden where the brand new F-TYPE Coupé was waiting in the front of our Hotel Bründl so that members had the chance to test the car during the weekend. Many thanks to Jaguar Austria. The second day Spring Tour started in the north of Upper Austria through nice roads across the border of Czech Republic and finally we arrived at the picturesque little town Cesky Krumlov where we had a stopover for a walk through the town. After a typical Czech lunch we headed back through the wonderful Moldauvalley back to Austria where we visited the famous Kastner Gingerbread Factory in Bad Leonfelden. The next day we met the Austrian Sports Car Friends with their cars and hundreds of people welcomed us at the main square of Bad Leonfelden. The spectators were quite amazed when they saw the C-Type and all the other beautiful Jaguar models. At least we made a tour with the old Horse-Drawn Railroad with only one Horse Power – what a difference. Many thanks to Michael Lackner for organizing this great weekend.

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