With perfect weather we met at the premises of our club member Wolfgang Alber in Furth to the joint event of F1 watching.

After the warm welcome we first visited the “British Classic Car Collection”, which contains quit rare cars such as Armstrong Siddeley, Austin Atlantic, Gilbern Invader (only Welch car manufacturer), Lagonda 3 litre, Riley RM or Standard Sedan, just to name a few; all cars, which most of us have never seen before. More often seen of course we have the various Jaguar models such as XK 140 FHC, E-Type S1 FHC, Mk II 3.8, Daimler Two Door Coupe and a rare Mk IV.

Afterwards we were moving to Wolfgang’s neighbor where we enjoyed smoked trout in the garden, accompanied by some must and wine.

In time for the F1 start we returned to the Hobbit Lodge, where we have been welcomed by the city major. We all had been more attracted by the classic British cars, so with no surprise most of us preferred to chat around the cars rather than watching F1.

Once more many thanks to Wolfgang for organizing this great evening and the very warm welcome

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