A Jaguar Limousine at a Stock Car Race? Below a report from Manfred Vaverka, this proves the reliability of Jaguar cars.

This is about a 24 hours race in the wider area of Vienna. The race track has a length of 1.100 meters, 60% off road. The Jaguar has been used in original condition without any major modifications.
The Jaguar had no technical problems within the 24 hours. Only the oil sump had been damaged by a stone. The car had to be tilt sideward’s to be fixed, so the race could continue within two hours of work.
After a crash with a competitor the cooler switch had been destroyed, therefore the engine started to overheat; also this had been fixed without further damage to the engine.

Finally the race has been finished after a 1.010 km distance on 14th position out of 45 participants. No one would have bet a penny that the Jaguar would pass the 24 hours

The Jaguar has been driven by 2 Police men, 1 finace poice man,  1 fire man, 1 mecahnic and an IT specialist. The car has been purchased for only €700.  For further information please contact me under +43 699 111 444 16.

regards Manfred VAVERKA

pictures Daniel Vaverka

the car is on display at the car musuem KOLLER at Heldenberg.

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