Saturday 9th November the winning ceremony of the Jaguar Classic Cup jointly with the GARANTA Classic Masters was held at the premises of DENZEL in Vienna.

The well known TV moderator Inge Maria Limbach presented the evening, herself being well experienced as a rally co driver in an XK 140 OTS. We welcomed close to hundred guests, belong them Enrico Falchetto, chief editor auf the magazine ‘Alles Auto’ and Wolfgang Buchta, issuer and editor of ‘Austro Classic’, the later also celebrated his birthday this evening and gladly received a classic rally plate.

For the third place Volker Corsmann received a voucher for a one year membership in the JEC-Austria, handed over by Christian Mitterdorfer for the JEC-Austria. Volker attended rallies this year in an XK 150 OTS and in an E-Type S1 OTS. Florian and Dieter Böhmdorfer in their Jaguar Mk II received for their second place a very special price from Dieter Platzer, representing Jaguar Austria: the very first available weekend in the all new Jaguar F-Type. The first overall winners of the Jaguar Classic Cup are Herbert and Sonja Blümel in their Jaguar E-Type S1 FHC. Christian Zettl from GARANTA insurances handed over the first price, a voucher for a fully comprehensive insurance for their car for one year. The winning trophy was handed over by Christian Mitterdorfer representing the main club JEC, who sponsored the trophy – many thanks!

Peter Brandl, representing DENZEL, and host of the evening declared the buffet officially open including an excellent wine selection. We enjoyed the evening in simply talking things about Jaguar and Classic Car Rally, as well as about the new Jaguar models we had the opportunity to test in the afternoon. Once more many thanks to all the sponsors for this event and the received hospitality.

Quit some club members have shown increasing interest in Classic Car Rallying so the decision was done to organise a professional Classic Car rally training in April next year. In 2013 we will again organise the Jaguar Classic Cup with the same rallys contributing. The dates are as follows: Wachau Historic: 19th/20th April, Karawanken Classic 23rd-25th May, Eisenstrasse Klassik 30th May – 1st June, Hartberg Historic 21st/22nd June and finally Höllental Classic on 28th/29th June.

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