Garden Party in Meggenhofen plus Landl Rally on 17th – 19th August

The new owner of the old building of the parish in Meggenhofen, Christian Skopec, invited us to join the traditional Meggenhofen garden party on 17th – 19th August; hundreds turned out and enjoyed a wonderful weekend with perfect weather.  We had our stand in the very centre of the garden of the old parish, where we were able to park our cars in perfect surroundings, right next to the Maserati Club.

There were up to 30 Jaguars such as 420 G, several Mk II’s and XJ’s, but also sporty models like the full range of E-types and XK’s. We also welcomed one SS 90 and one SS 100.

Saturday morning saw the start of the rally under the supervision and presentation of Michel Kaltschmid. 167 cars were touring through the scenic Inn- and Hausruckviertel via Ried, Pram, to Gerhardsbrunn and back to Meggenhofen in the later afternoon. Beside individual results for pre and post vintage cars there was also a separate result for Jaguars cars, which was won by Peter Lisiak in a 1965 Jaguar S-Type 3.4l, followed by Edi Dorfner in a 1963 E-type S1, and Volkmar Lohkamp in a 1966 E-type S1, in third position. All top ranked Jaguars received prices from Jaguar Austria.

In 2013 the Landlrally and the Meggenhofen Garden Party will take place on 16th – 18th August, don’t miss it!

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